As for the wide CAB car (350 series) of the 3t grade, pro-Hino, Ranger FB; OEM. It is the carry over from a predecessors in the family line type, but, in the cab, front mask and interior decoration are largely changed except 350 series. I add a car mounted with 4.1L, LPG engine based on 15B engine with FB system, the U system.
I shorten the chassis of the high movement car (mega cruiser) in 1996 and announce the Dyna tipper which I put a cab of the Dyna on. It is introduced one set of two into the Tokyo Fire Department, the Nagoya-shi firefighting station, the Osaka-shi firefighting station, the Fukuoka-shi firefighting station as help work car type IV, and Morita mounts it. In addition, set front wheel independence suspension specifications in some car models of the standard CAB; and the driver's seat air bag is option setting, too. I added 4WD to 1t system.
I set the super low floor cab where a low floor planned making it it by taking out a cabin before a front tire in 1997. It was only for it and was abolished for one generation without becoming the majority in Coca-Cola Bottling, Sagawa Kyubin, JAF of the big customer because there were extremely few unit sales.